Explore Style Authority Made-To-Measure tailoring by Joseph Francois Cote. Become unique with a style that is made only for you.

There is something special about wearing a piece of clothing that was made only for you. It gives you a confidence that you can take on the world and win. The way the jacket hugs your shoulders, not too tight or too loose. The perfect fit of the pants that ensures that air flows freely down the legs without constraint. The way the shirt cuffs sits perfectly just outside of the end of the arm on your jacket. It is a perfection that makes you almost invincible and able to overcome whatever the world throws at you. It is for a gentleman what the shining armour is for a knight.

We have a long relationship with our tailors

Every Style Authority Made-To-Measure garment is carefully assembled by tailors of the highest skill level. We pride ourselves in our long relationship with our tailors. The trust of this relationship combined with the quality of the work is what makes Style Authority by Joseph Francois Cote stand out from the rest.

The best fabrics in the world

Select your fabrics from the worlds leading fabric makers such as Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico. Choose from a wide range of different colors, patterns and styles. We have the selection to make your dream outfit become a reality.

Every detail tailored to you

Add your personal touch to every garment with unique details. Choose everything from the style of the lining and buttons to the colors of your initials inside the jacket.

Book appointment

Book an appointment at our Style Authority showroom in Monte-Carlo, Monaco for your measurements and made-to-measure order. To schedule an appointment, contact us using the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Are you unable to visit us at our Monte-Carlo showroom? We are happy to accommodate you at your home or your office in Monaco and surrounding areas in the French and Italian riviera.

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