Nico Rosberg wearing tuxedo by Style Authority. Photo: MWeber / Action Press

Nico Rosberg’s Green Velvet Tuxedo

Nico Rosberg wears a fitting made-to-measure Style Authority green velvet tuxedo to the Greentech Festival Awards.

Since retiring from the Formula 1 circus in 2016, the former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg has shifted his focus to another race. The race to slow down climate change. He believes that the solution for a more sustainable future lies in the innovation and use of new technology. This passion has led to the foundation of the Greentech Festival, which Nico has co-founded together entrepreneurs and engineers Marco Voigt and Sven Krüger.

The first edition of the Greentech Festival was hosted in Berlin in June 2019 and gathered inspiring leaders and forward-thinking companies from all over the world. Their unified focus was to make a greener tomorrow with the help of technology and innovation. Nico Rosberg, in an interview with Techradar, confirms his vision for the new festival.

There are so many tech events out there, but there are none with a purpose. We want to accelerate powerful change. There is a space to be filled, and the tech is damned amazing.

Nico Rosberg, Creator of the Greentech Festival

Climate, however, is not Nico Rosberg’s only passion. Through the years he has also maintained a keen interest in tailoring, and more specifically Italian tailoring. This was never more evident than his impeccable choice of outfit on the night of the Greentech Festival Award show.

Nico Rosberg together with green leaders from around the world. Photo: Greentech Festival

Nico Rosberg’s green velvet tuxedo is a fashion statement

It is an established fact that what you wear is part of your non-verbal communication to the world around you. It can both build upon the story you want to tell, but at the same time detract from it. As a man of style, Nico Rosberg know the importance of this more than others.

To strengthen his message to the hundreds of attendees at the Greentech Festival Award show, Nico Rosberg chose a green velvet tuxedo. The double-breasted tuxedo is a work by Joseph Francois Cote and is a custom made garment from the Style Authority Made-To-Measure collection.

The deep green velvet color of the tuxedo was a perfect match with the theme of the Greentech Festival and it’s vision on making the world a greener place. The tuxedo is made from the highest quality of Italian velvet and is a garment that will last a lifetime proper care, a far cry from the fast fashion outlets of this world. That is what you call a fashion statement that matters!

Nico Rosberg with honored guest Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon. Photo: Ulf Büschleb / Greentech Festival

We applaud Nico Rosberg for his efforts for making the planet a greener place. Keep up the great work Nico!

Do you want to more information about the Style Authority Made-To-Measure line? Follow the link below to schedule your appointment for measurement at our Monte-Carlo, Monaco showroom.

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